Frightinsville Drive-Through Twisted History Haunt

Friday October 27 & Saturday October 28 - 2023

An all-ages, first-of-its-kind, haunted, Halloween, interdisciplinary-art and immersive-theatre drive-through. Think safari-style haunted hayride through the supernatural from the comfort of your own car.

Tickets will not be sold at the door, and can only be purchased by donation.

Estate of Mind's inaugural freaky fundraiser

Estate of Mind

120 Hill St
Whitinsville, MA 01588

Estate of Mind is an intentional co-living community for artists. We operate out of Oakhurst Manor in Whitinsville, MA, a storied Victorian manor complex on 25-acres. We are collectively restoring, revitalizing, and reanimating this historic event venue with the shared goal of creating a sanctuary for the arts.

Our goal is to be able to house up to an additional 20 artists this winter, and to keep our event space accessible to the community year round. To make this happen, we need to finish some critical infrastructure upgrades to the manor. You can help by donating to this fundraiser, spreading the word about this creepy car-bound experience, and making this vision possible.

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Help us create this creepy experience.

Cast & Crew

Meet the team behind the scene.

Fabricated local reviewers are raving about Frightinsville… 

“Like entering a magical universe”


“Mesmerizing in scope and production … a sense of awe and wonder you will not forget”

Voice of Blackstone Valley

“Thrills and suspense that will leave you on the edge of your seat”

Somerville Sunday Post

“So well produced you won't know it's theater

Worcester Weekly Times

Plucked from headlines and real experience, the scares will unsettle you and leave food for thought

New England Tribune

Frightening and original, this production is a must-see

—Worcester Weekly Times

More chilling than an episode of Black Mirror

Blackstone Valley Villager